“Bureau of Evangelism Congress 2012”



by Rev. Sharon Mitchell, Durham District Director of Evangelism

Beautiful Black Mountain and the Dorothy Walls Conference & Retreat Center served as the backdrop for 4 days and 3 nights of power-packed services that both energized and propelled all those attending to move from church mentality to kingdom mentality. The quadrennial theme, “Maximizing the Mission By Managing the Ministry: Expansion” was thoroughly explored and we all left the mountains re-energized and compelled to do MORE for the work of evangelism. The Opening challenge Message by Senior Bishop George W.C. Walker, Sr. can only be described as a Holy Ground experience. We walked with Moses on Mt. Sinai and heard the voice of God speaking to each of our hearts reminding us truly that we were standing on Holy Ground.

We woke up each morning and experienced the fire of early Morning Prayer as we attending 7:30am intercessory prayer that set the tone for each day. Bible studies were led by Rev. Dr. John C. Evans, Pastor of the Cathedral A.M.E. Zion Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Oh, what a provocative rhema word he imparted each morning!!!!Plenary Sessions were just as exciting and compelling as we were blessed with the gifts of Rev. Dr. W. Darin Moore, Rev. Dr. Eric Leake, and our Connectional Director of Bureau of Evangelism, Rev. Dr. Otis T. McMillan.One of the High moments of the Congress was on Wednesday night. Rev. Dr. H. Eddie Fox, World Director of Evangelism, World Methodist Council challenged us all to a higher level of evangelism.Bishop Darryl B. Starnes, Southwestern Delta Episcopal District, proclaimed the word during the Empowering Evangelistic Worship Service. We were continually inspired from one degree of grace to another.

We thank our Director, Dr. Otis T. McMillan for his vision and understanding as He was intentional in bringing in breakout session presenters that represented the different departments of the church. We were blessed with exposure to the following presenters: Bishop James E. McCoy, Rev. Dr. Mary Love, Ms. Yvonne Tracey, Dr. Gloria G Williams, and Rev. Patricia Smith.

Rev. Brian R. Thompson shared two explosive sessions from the theme, “Moving from Church Mentality to Kingdom Mentality”. Our view of evangelism and church growth has forever been stretched and expanded to a place where it is impossible to do “church” as usual.

All of our lives were touched through the personal testimony of Rev. Dr. A.A. Parsons. We acknowledge that the AME Zion church has its’ own modern day Lazarus. He so vividly reminded us that God is STILL a healer and that the blood still works!!!!!

Thank you Dr. McMillan for your eye for detail and How you brought the best of the best to us and did not leave any stone unturned as we experienced the power-packed worship as we were lead by Rev. Russell Harrington, Rev. Cathy Henderson, and Rev. Dr. M. Luther Hill.

Thank you Dr. McMillan for being intentionally inclusive in the presenter choices, and I must add- you fed us well.

In his service,

Rev. Sharon Mitchell, Durham District Director of Evangelism