2017 Quadrennial Evangelistic Congress Presentations

Theme: Refocusing on Our Purpose

Morning Bible Study
Presenter, Rev. Kathryn Brown, General Secretary CED

Refocusing on Our Purpose Through Personal Renewal (#1) Workshop

In the personal renewal workshop, participants will discover the path to personal renewal. Church leaders in need of personal renewal and revival can expect a refreshing from the presence of the Lord. We can only revive others when we are revived.

Rev. Dr. Douglass Maven (NE)

Refocusing on Our Purpose By Developing Healthy Congregations (#1) Plenary

Helping Congregation move towards vibrant new life use biblical principles. God alone give the increase, yet congregations must position themselves by unplugging from toxic unhealthy practices and pursuing personal holiness, personal spiritual growth, persistent pray life, faithful Christian witnessing and intentional discipleship.

Rev. Dr. Brian R. Thompson (ENC)

Refocusing on Our Purpose By Creating a Culture of Radical Hospitality  (#2) Workshop
In this workshop will assist congregations in creating a culture of radical hospitality. Loving congregations must welcome new converts into the church (Hospitality) assist in their spiritual growth (Discipleship), and equipped for ministry (Spiritual Gifts Assessment). Welcoming people in, helping people grow, sending them out.

Rev. Scot Moore (Mid Atlantic)

Refocusing on Our Purpose by Embracing the Mission (#2) Plenary Session

This session addresses the need to recognize where we are, rediscover the mission, redirecting our attention to meet our intentions. Helping God’s People Become Spiritual Rescuers is designed to sensitize the Church to the need for urgency. Evangelism is a Rescue Mission. This is a how-to workshop designed to show how leaders can move the people in to action

Rev. Dr. Otis T. McMillan (Director)

Refocusing on Our Purpose through Church Revitalization (#3 Workshop)

Church revitalization is needed in many areas of our harvest field. This session is designed to teach tried and true principles that will assist in bringing new life to aging congregations in a changing world.

Dr. Yvonne Tracey (Piedmont)

Refocusing on Our Purpose through Small Group Discipleship (#3) Plenary Session

Fostering Christian relationships in weekly accountability class meetings is a key strategy in making Christian disciples. This session will provide in-depth instructions and training to assist in effective disciple making.

Bishop Darryl B. Starnes (Bishop)

Refocusing on Our Purpose of Proclaiming the Gospel Message (#4) Workshop

This session deals with sharing the message so pre-Christians get it! Our message of salvation must be clear. Many Christian speak “Christianese,” an in-house language for in-house people. This workshop is designed to help us become a user friendly church with a user friendly message. Effective evangelism requires the right message and the right environment. The workshop deals with some of the prerequisites for effective preaching.

Rev. Eldren D. Morrison (SAED)

Refocusing on Our Purpose Insights on Church Planting (#4) Plenary Forum

Church planting is naturally a chief concern for the AME Zion Church, therefore the session is designed to be informative and interactive. This workshop focuses on practical principles for church planting. How do we plant new societies during this season in our Church history.

Bishop Seth O. Lartey

Refocusing on Our Purpose by Developing Effective Prayer Ministry in the Local Church (#5) Plenary Session

For the promotion of the moral and spiritual fervor of each Conference, district and local church, this workshop enable participants to pray effectively and encourage persons at every level to give part of his/her time to the prayer ministry of our Church. Prayer changes things!

Rev. Dr. Eric L. Leake (MW)

Keynote Speakers

Challenging Worship Service       … Bishop Seth O. Lartey, 1st Vice Chair

Empowering Worship Service      … Bishop George Crenshaw

Commissioning Worship Service … Bishop Michael A. Frencher