Church Growth Division

The Director of the Department of Church Growth and Development

“The General Conference shall elect a Director of Evangelism, whose tenure of office shall be for four years and until his successor is elected. He shall be an Ex-officio member of the Board of Evangelism, and shall be the chief Executive Officer of the Board.  He shall under the direction of the Board and the provisions of the Discipline, have the general Directorship of Evangelism, conduct the general correspondence and tentatively pass upon the qualification and fitness of Evangelists to be appointed by the Board. He shall make a survey of the field from time to time and under the direction of the Board and upon the invitation of Pastors, assign Evangelists to certain territory. He shall confer often with the Board as to the best method of regulating support for the Evangelists both in cities and in rural districts, the length of time an Evangelist should spend at any given place and how he is to be entertained while there. He will be expected to call a meeting of the Evangelists when convenient so as to exchange opinions as to the best methods of conducting an evangelistic campaign where several churches may combine to that end. “[1]

The New Department of Church Growth and Development of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church was created to foster church growth in existing congregations, and to develop a plan for planting new churches throughout the denomination by intentionally birthing new churches from healthy congregations. The Division of Church Growth shall be responsible for training in evangelism and discipleship, developing and planting churches with an emphasis on areas where the A.M.E. Zion Church does not have a presence; it shall be responsible for developing a Pilot Program for receiving and nurturing unconnected churches that believe in and love the doctrines of Methodism and prepare them for membership, participation, and assimilation in the Annual Conferences where they are located; it shall further be responsible for developing and implementing special evangelistic media programs and resources for attracting the unchurched and winning souls for Jesus; and it shall be responsible, upon request from the Bishop of the Church, for assisting local churches on how to become revitalized and on how to develop a new church.

The Church Growth and Development of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church also houses the division of Church Extension and Home Missions. The division of Church Extension & Home Missions has two compartments, namely Church Extension and Home Missions. Its primary role is the promotion of the temporal welfare of the Church, the securing, improvement and the saving of Church and parsonage property. Additionally, it is to promote the spiritual interest of the Church, and the relief of mission charges, and preachers on the poor fields.

[1]The Book of Discipline, p. 314.